Sr. Software Engineer


A curious developer and people person who likes to build new things. I enjoy making "techie" understandable to regular people. I have spent the last decade working in web technologies like Angular, Node, React, and NextJS both in team member and team lead roles. I love a challenge, whether it’s learning a new programming language or a new technical stack. I love to help other developers reach their full potential.

I am always learning, usually a new programming language or framework. Currently I am learning OCaml and Go, and experimenting with the Laravel framework. I plan to learn Rust next, once I have a good project to work on. My own experience makes me fond of indie hacking and I am currently working on tooling that will make it easier to take OCaml web apps to production faster. You can learn more about my current silly side projects below.


Beyond Identity / Sr. Software Engineer
March 2022 - PRESENT, Remote, NY
Front-end developer specializing in React and NextJS. Working on web-based admin portals for secure workforce and secure customer product lines. Contributing member of a team of front-end developers who support the whole company.
Comcast, Inc / Sr. Software Engineer
June 2016 - March 2022, Denver, CO
Full-stack Angular/NodeJS developer who brought multiple Java microservices together into a dynamic, web-based, advertising portal. The only UI developer on a team of nine.
Levels Beyond / Software Engineer
July 2015 - June 2016, Denver, CO
Full-stack AngularJS/NodeJS developer who worked with a team of UI developers to ingest and utilize two main Java backend services.
ClickFox / Software Engineer
March 2014 - July 2015, Denver, CO
AngularJS developer who worked to convert an Apache Flex app into HTML5/JS while also building new features. Managed an off-shore team in India of UI developers as well.
ClickFox / Associate QA Engineer
October 2013 - March 2014, Denver, CO
Worked alongside a team of QA Engineers to leverage automated testing frameworks, such as SOAPUI and Selenium to test the existing Apache Flex UI, as well as handling manual testing as needed.


Cameron University / Bachelors of Science (CS)
August 2009 - May 2012, Lawton, OK
My degree in Computer science focused most heavily on C-based languages, with the introduction of Java my senior year into the curriculum. I also minored in math, but I promise I’m not actually that boring.


[IN DEVELOPMENT] OCaml is a beautiful language, but it lacks the strong Web-based app framework that many other languages already have. One of the best examples of these kinds of app frameworks is Laravel, an opinionated PHP framework that lets you build a complete app in virtually seconds. I love Laravel, so I am working to bring a similar sort of experience to OCaml, so that we can rapidly prototype project ideas in 'the beautiful language'.
[IN DEVELOPMENT] I love OCaml and indie hacking, but it has been historically difficult to use OCaml for indie hacking because it is complicated to deploy. Camelaunch is going to be a deployment management app that allows you to link an OCaml GitHub repo (structured in a certain way to start) and input your Digital Ocean token to deploy your app in one click.
A place for parents and students to partner together to learn and grow. I'm adding new exercises as I hear about more student work in local schools. My goal is to assist both public school and home school parents in their journey to raise and educate our next generation.
A place for developers to showcase all of the awesome domains they have acquired!
The anti-social network, where people can go to scream into the void. Messages live for 24 hours before self-destructing. WHNVR leverages passkeys for a completely secure and completely seamless login flow that makes it easy to post and eliminates the fear of account takeover.
Byte-sized learning videos that cover topics I'm currently interested in, relating to my job or indie hacking projects.
[TEMPORARILY OFFLINE] Project management should fuel your organization, not slow it down and annoy it. Fuel is a mobile-first project management tool that is designed to be used as little as possible.